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Download Instagram IGTV Video Free [Online IGTV Downloader]

Download Instagram IGTV Video Online for free to your mobile/desktop device. Enter the IGTV video link below and we’ll fetch the video for you. Video is saved to your device in HD format in original quality as we don’t compress the video. This tool works well on Android, iPhone, Tablet, PC, and MAC devices. Use the free Insta IGTV video downloader and save as many videos as you want.

Instagram IGTV feature is allowing the users to upload a video with a duration of up to 10Min for unverified accounts. In the case of verified accounts, users can upload up to 60Min long content. This feature was one of the most awaited features and is now used by all Instagram users worldwide. Content creators can now upload long-duration videos to the platform and can share their worthy content with people worldwide.

download instagram igtv online free

When the IGTV feature was not introduced, people were able to upload man 1Min long video only. This was a huge drawback for those who want to upload long content to the platform. The only way left to post the long content is by breaking the video into multiple parts. But, thanks to the IGTV feature and now with the help of Instagram IGTV downloader, we can easily save those videos to the device gallery for free.

In fact, we can also download Instagram videos for free using such tools. As we all know some IGTV videos are very entertaining and we want to save them locally on our device. Later on, we can share those videos with our friends and family members. We’ve tried to keep our Instagram IGTV video downloader tool simple and easy to use.

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How To Download Instagram IGTV Video

We’ve shown the step-by-step process to download IGTV to your mobile or PC device for free. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and open your favorite IGTV video.
  2. Tap on three dots on the bottom right on three dots in igtv
  3. Select the Copy Link option.copy the igtv video link
  4. Paste the link in the IGTV video downloader tool.
  5. Click on the Download IGTV button.igtv video downloader tool
  6. Wait for few seconds until the video is available for download.
  7. Click on the Save Video button and it’ll be saved locally on your device.instagram IGTV video downloader tool free

These are some of the simplest steps you can follow to download Instagram IGTV videos to your device. The steps are quite simple and easy to follow. Just keep in mind that the IGTV video should be public. Our tool isn’t able to download the IGTV videos from private accounts. Make sure to check out Reels downloader if you want to save some short reel videos to your computer device.

Why Download IGTV Video To Your Android/iPhone Device?

IGTV is one of the features on the Instagram platform that allows content creators to download longer videos to the platform. We can easily watch those videos using the Instagram app or website. But sometimes, the quality of the video played on the app is very poor. It might be caused by the slow internet connection.

why download IGTV video

Hence, the only way left is to either use a high-speed internet connection or use the IGTV downloader tool. As per our suggestions, we should download the Instagram IGTV video and watch it later. In fact, as content creators, we might have accidentally deleted the original file of the video. The only way to get back that video is by re-downloading it from Instagram.

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Out tool doesn’t compress the video and it’s provided in original quality. You should not worry about the video quality as we provide it in original HD MP4 quality for free. There’s no limit on the tool itself. Download as many videos you want directly to your device.

Is It Free and Safe To Download Instagram IGTV Video?

Yes, it’s completely free and safe to download IGTV videos online. Those videos are publicly available and can be downloaded to your device for free. However, if the Instagram account is private, make sure you have permission from the user. Also, if you want to use the video for some commercial purpose, make sure you have permission from the copyright owners. Using someone’s videos for commercial purposes without taking permission is illegal.

When it comes to safety, the tool is safe to use. We don’t ask for personal details from the users. All we ask is the public IGTV video link and we’ll grab the media available on that link respectively. So, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of the tool.


Some Instagram creators are posting very addictive and entertaining videos to the platform. Some users might want to save such IGTV videos locally to their device in case the video is deleted from Instagram. That’s the case where IGTV downloaders are very useful. We hope you liked our tool as we’ve tried our best to keep it simple and easy to use.