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Download Instagram Profile Picture Full Size [Insta DP Viewer & Downloader]

Download Instagram Profile Picture Online for free in full size. Enter the Instagram account username/profile link and press Download DP. Unlike all other tools out there, we provide profile pictures in their original full HD format. If you’re interested in Instagram Profile Picture Viewer, this tool is a must for you.

Instagram DP Downloader also works on private accounts and we’re providing the DP in full-size HD format. We don’t compress the profile picture in any way. Now you can download Instagram profile pictures in their original quality. It’s working on Android, iPhone, Tablets, or any desktop PC. All we ask is the username or the profile link from you. Now there’s no need to use some tricks or hack to download the DP.

download instagram profile picture online

This tool can do all the things for you in the background and will return Insta full-size DP. In fact, those who are looking for a private Instagram profile picture viewer should use this tool. Most tools out there are not providing HD quality pic. Other Instagram tools such as Instagram video Downloader also provide video in HD format. Hence, it gives you a nice look into the profile picture with many details.

How To Download Instagram Profile Picture

Here are the steps to download Instagram profile picture (DP) online:

  1. Open the Instagram app and open a user account.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right.copy the profile url link from instagram
  3. Select the Copy Profile Link option.profile link copy instagram
  4. Open the Insta DP Downloader tool and paste the profile URL link.
  5. Or enter the username of the Instagram user.
  6. Click on the Download button and wait for a few instagram dp button
  7. Once the tool returned the full-size DP, you can preview it.
  8. Click on the Save Image button and it’ll be downloaded to your mobile/ profile pic to gallery
  9. Use your gallery app to view it offline.

The steps are the same for private Instagram accounts. All you need is their profile URL link or the username of the account. It’ll take somewhere between 10-15 seconds for the tool to grab the full-size DP. It’s taking more time than usual just to provide you with the HD pic. If you also want to download the user account’s stories, then use the stories downloader. It’ll grab all the stories uploaded by the user without letting them know about you.

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Features Of Online Insta DP Downloader

instagram dp downloader features

Download Profile Picture In Original Quality: There are very few tools out there that are providing DP in original quality. Most of them are providing a compressed version of the picture. Most people don’t want that and that’s why we’re making sure that the picture you’re downloading is in HD and full-size format.

Private Instagram Profile Picture Viewer: This is one of the most demanded tools out there. Many users on Instagram have marked their profile as private. Hence, other users won’t be able to view any of their account details such as posts, videos, reels, etc. But with the help of a private Instagram profile picture viewer tool, we can easily view Insta DP of private accounts.

Download DP Of Others: Most of the time we’re not able to identify the person in the DP. Because the size of the picture Instagram shows in the app is very small. That’s where DP Downloader tools will help you out. Enter the username of that account and the tool will grab a full-size picture for you.

Save Profile Pictures To Gallery: Many users out there want to save their loved ones’ profile pictures to their device gallery. They want to do it so that they can view those profile pictures anytime. There can be many other reasons behind saving the profile pictures to the gallery and our tool provides that facility.

Zoom In To Profile Picture: Instagram doesn’t allow to zoom in to the pic. That’s what the tool will help you with. Using the preview feature, one can zoom in to the pic and can also save it to the device using the download feature.

About Profile Picture

Profile picture, also known as DP (Display Picture) is an avatar that is used by social media accounts. All social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. allow their users to add a profile picture. Businesses/Companies are using their trademark as a logo. Meanwhile, normal users are using their own photos as profile pictures.

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In general, people use their very best version of pictures as Instagram DP. That’s because it gains more attention from viewers and so does the followers. Social media is all about charming lights here and there. So, Instagram users are using the best-clicked photos as their profile pictures.

Need To Download Instagram Profile Picture

A lot of users might ask what’s the need for downloading the profile picture of an Instagram account. Well, there are a lot of reasons such as saving the DP in full resolution back to your device. When we take the screenshot of the profile page, we can see the DP in a very small size. We can’t even tell which person is in the pic.

In fact, we can’t simply click on the profile picture and zoom into the pic. Instagram doesn’t allow this feature for the public to use. It’s really a pain for some users as we might want to see the person’s full profile picture for many different reasons.

With the help of the Insta DP Downloader tool, you can download the profile picture of many accounts for free. The special thing about our tool is that it can fetch the Insta DP in full-HD format. It doesn’t compress the pic at all and provides the raw file to the user.

Most often, some users have deleted the original pic of their profile pic and they want to retrieve it back. The fun part is that even if you’re the owner of an Instagram account, you won’t be able to do so. The only way to download the original raw file is by using the DP downloader tool. Once the raw file is saved to your device, it can be zoomed in and edited with the help of different apps or software.

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Instagram Profile Picture Download Faqs

Can I View an Instagram Profile Picture?
Yes, you can view Instagram profile pictures by using some 3-rd party tools. By using Instagram profile picture viewers, you can view the HD version of any Instagram DP. Such tools are free to use and can be found online.
How Can I View Someone's Private Instagram Profile Picture?
If an Instagram profile is private, that means uploads of that user are only available to its followers. However, the Bio details and profile picture are still public and can be viewed using the Instagram DP downloader tool.
Can You See Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size?
Yes, it can be done by using some online Instagram tools. Enter the profile username/URL and you will be provided with the HD version of that profile picture. It can also be downloaded to your mobile device’s gallery.
How Do You View Instagram Profile Pictures On Computer?
On a computer/pc, you can use your web browser and navigate to any Instagram profile picture downloader tool. Enter the profile username you can then view the Instagram profile picture in full size.


Using the downloader tool, you can download Instagram profile pictures online. We’ve optimized the web app so that it can work on all types of devices. All you need is a web browser and there’s no need to download a 3-rd party app. Many tools out there are also promoting the web browser extensions that you need to install on your web browser. With the help of InstaSpells DP Downloader, you can save as many profile pictures using the web app only.

But make sure you have permission from the user whose DP you’re downloading to your device. We’re not limiting the tool to public or private accounts and it works on all types of user accounts. Hence, you should use the tool at your own risk.