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Instagram reels video is watched by millions of viewers across the planet. If you're an Instagram user and want to download Instagram reels video to your mobile/desktop device then use a free downloader tool. With the help of an Instagram reels downloader, users can save reels to the gallery.

With the help of downloader tools, it becomes very easy to save videos. Instagram officially doesn't provide any option to save reels. But it can be done using online tools and we're offering our free tool. With the help of reels downloader, user can save Instagram reels videos to their gallery.

download Instagram reels online free

You can also check out other amazing tools such as videos downloader. All the tools we offer are designed for specific purposes. Using the reels downloader, users can save reels with music and share it with others.

Copy URL

Copy the Instagram reels video link using the app. You can do it by clicking on the options and then choosing the Copy link button. We need the reel link to identify it and provide the download link to the user.

Paste URL

Another step is to paste the URL into the downloader. We've given a input box where users can paste the Reels video link. We need to link in order to identify the reel video and fetch other information related to the reel.

Run Instagram Downloader

The final step is to run the downloader by clicking on the Download button. The request is made to the server to find all the information related to the reel and then a download link is provided.

How To Download Instagram Reels Videos?

Here is the step by step guide to download Instagram reelsvideos:

  1. Open your favorite reels video in Instagram app.
  2. Click on video options (three dots).
  3. Select the Copy link option.
  4. Open reels downloader tool.
  5. Paste the reels link in the input box.
  6. Click on the Download button.
  7. Save the Instagram video with music.

These are the simple steps to download Instagram videos to your phone's gallery. Thanks to the downloader tool which made it possible without any effort. You can share the videos with others on social media directly.

Even if you're a reels creator, having a collection of different reels might help you plan your content. There are numerous benefits of saving Instagram reels video locally on your device.

Instagram reels downloader online

About Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels was introduced on August 5 2020 as in rival of TikTok. It allows creators to share 15 seconds video clips with their audience. Later on, Reel video length was increased up to 90 seconds. A new editor was created for the creators to make the editing process easier.

Creators can now use music songs or audio of others in a reels video. AR effects are also provided for free to make the videos much more interesting for the viewers.

Later on, a new Reels Explorer section is added to the app. Using this, users can scroll through all the different reels available through the public accounts on Instagram. If users like the reels, they can use its sound by tapping on the sound icon.

Instagram made the reels feature because the demand for short entertainment videos is increasing. People love to watch shorter videos as people can consume more of them in a lesser amount of time.

Creating Reels Videos

Thanks to Instagram for giving all the necessary features that are allowing people to create reels. Instagram creators can now create reels within the app itself without using any 3-rd party software. There’s a variety of editing tools that can help users to edit reels in a creative way.

Audio Search: Users can search for the song they want to use in their videos. Instagram has a collection of millions of songs that can be used by creators for free. If you’re using your own voice/audio, credits will be given to you.

Timer and Countdown: Another cool feature about reels editor is its timer feature. If you don’t have a cameraman with you, then the timer will help you a lot. Countdown gives you enough time to get ready for your shot.

AR Effects and Filters: There are tons of various filters and effects available on Instagram. Most of them are free and can be used freely by everyone.

Speed: Using the speed feature, creators can adjust the speed of the video. It helps in making the slow-motion videos.

Downloading Reels Videos

It’s very easy nowadays to download reels videos. It can be done using some Instagram reels Downloader tools. Such tools ask you for the reels video link and will provide you with the download link. If you’re a reels video creator, you might need to keep a collection of videos for various purposes such as editing, script-writing, and so on.

There’s no official feature provided by Instagram to download Reels. Instead, you should use 3-rd party online downloaders or applications. It’s free and secure as such applications don’t ask for any personal information from the users.

Sharing Reels Videos

Once you’ve downloaded the reel video directly to your gallery, it can be shared on any platform. Consider you want to share your reel video to WhatsApp. There’s no feature provided by Instagram. But once you’ve downloaded reel video by link, it’s locally available on your device.

It can be further shared as a video file on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, or any other platform. It’s legal to re-share public videos on another platform if you have consent from the creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

To download Instagram reels without a watermark, you need to use the Instagram downloader tool. When you save Reel using Add to Story feature, a Reel watermark is added to the saved video But with the help of the Reels downloader, you can download reels without a watermark.
No, there's no need to provide your private/personal information such as username/password to download reels. If any online tool asks you for such details, consider not using it.
Yes, you're free to download as many reels as you want. However, consider the fact that our servers sometimes might be facing heavy traffic. In such a case, we might limit concurrent download requests from your device.
Yes, our Instagram reels downloader works perfectly on every type of desktop/pc/mobile device. All you need to do is provide us with the reels video link and we'll do the rest for you.