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Download Instagram Reels Online In 2021 [Reels Downloader]

Want to download Instagram reels online for free? It’s possible by using our free Reels downloader tool that works online and you can use it for free. Paste the Reels link down below and hit the Download Reel button. Here’s the tool you can use to download Instagram reels:

Instagram is one of the topmost used social media websites. Millions of users are using this platform to share their images and videos with people. Instagram recently released a new feature called Reels. Here users can post small 30 second videos. This feature gained huge attention worldwide and users are now uploading millions of Reels every month to the platform. Hence, we can say that this feature very popular and people seems to love it.

instagram reels download

Many users are willing to download Instagram Reels uploaded to the platform by their favorite creators. But, Instagram officially doesn’t allow its users to do so. Hence, the only way is to use some 3-rd party tools that help users to save reels locally to their devices. This way, one can watch those reel videos offline on their device. We’re also offering the tool for free to our users. You can also download Instagram videos using our tools. If you’re not able to figure out how you can use the tool, we’ve given a written guide down below.

How To Download Instagram Reels

Here’s the step by step procedure to download reels:

  • Open Instagram and browser your favorite reels video.
  • Click on the Three Dots on reels you want to download.copy instagram reels
  • Now, tap on the Copy Link option.copy instagram reels video link
  • Once the link is copied to the clipboard, Reels Downloader tool.
  • Paste the link into the text box and click the Download button.paste instagram reels video link
  • Wait for few seconds till Reels preview is visible.
  • Click Save Video to download the video locally to your instagram reel to device

Now the video will be saved locally to your smartphone or desktop device and you can watch it offline. The tool is very easy to use and we’re continuously updating it to fulfill the download requests from all the users.

Out Instagram Reels Downloader tool is providing the full HD quality reels. e.g the original quality video will be downloaded to your device when you click the Save Video button. We don’t compress or process the videos as it comes directly from Instagram servers. Hence, you should now worry about the video quality at all.

The tool works on all the devices e.g Android, iOS, Tablet, Desktop, and MAC devices. Simply visit our websites and you’ll find this tool under the Instagram Tools category. We’re also providing a whole range of Instagram tools that are helping users from all around the world to save videos, images, and other types of content from the Instagram platform.

How To Save Instagram Reels In Gallery

Many people want to save Reels in Gallery so that they can share them with friends. But we all know that Instagram doesn’t allow its users to save the Reels locally to their device in Gallery. To do that, we have to use an Instagram Reels Download tool which can easily download and save the reels to the gallery for free.

We’ve built such a tool that can grab the reels and users can save them to their gallery on a smartphone device. It’s a very easy and small process to follow. All you need is to use the Reels tool which will help you to download the reel video. Here are the steps to save Instagram Reels in Gallery:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and browse your favorite reel.

Step 2: Click on three dots and select the Copy Link option.

Step 3: Use the Reels Downloader tool.

Step 4: Paste the Reels link and click the Download Reel button.

save instagram reel to gallery

Step 5: Click on the Save Video button.

save reel to gallery

Step 6: Once the download is complete, you’ll see the Reel in your gallery.

This is the process to save Reels in Gallery on an Android device. The process is very simple and doesn’t require any 3-rd party app. All you need is to visit our website and access our Reels Downloader tool. We’ve tried to keep this tool as simple as possible.


Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. Reels is one of the most popular features on its platform as it helps people to share their creativity in form of short videos. Anyone can start posting their videos on the platform for free. Many people want to download Reels to their device locally so that they can show them to their friends later. Our Instagram reels video download tool works online and helps users to save them in HD format for free.

If you think this tool is useful, do share it with your friends on social media. Our team has done a great job in keeping this tool as simple as possible. We’re looking forward to making this tool more useful and easy to use.