[Instagram Dating Pages] – 35+ Useful Instagram Pages For Singles

If you’re a single male/female, single mom, dad, and are looking for some useful Instagram pages for singles, then you’re looking for Instagram Dating pages. We’ve listed some of the most followed Instagram accounts/pages for singles.

Being single at a young age hurts the most. But thanks to the era of the internet where we can look for some interesting people and then date them later on. With the help of some of the online social media portals, we can connect with more and more people. Instagram is one such place where single mom and dads can find their perfect partners. We’ve listed some of the best Instagram pages for singles.

instagram pages for singles for instagram dating

Even if you’re a single male/female and are looking for a new partner, then you should give Instagram a try. Thanks to Instagram pages for singles who are helping such people. If you’re from the USA, India, the UK, and other countries, then Instagram should be the perfect place for you to find a new dating partner.

Instagram can be your new free version of Tinder. We’re saying so because most of the profiles on Instagram are sharing their life with other people and we can easily connect with them. By following a person, we can connect with new people and have a look into their private life. Isn’t that awesome, we can even have a small chit-chat with them.

Latest Instagram Dating Pages

Dating on Instagram is easy if you do it right. The very first thing is to look for the person that you might love to date. The process is easy. Join Instagram dating pages and look for the person that you might be interested in.

Most of the people on such pages are looking for people to date. This way you’re very close to finding the person that might also be interested to date you.

Another most important thing is to make your Instagram profile attractive. It can be done by using bio symbols. Make sure you’re using your best profile photo.

Now you’re ready to go forward to join the best pages based on dating. Here are the best Instagram dating pages you might be interested in:

1. Dating Woman

One of the most followed and rising pages on the Instagram platform. Single males or females who are looking for women to date should follow the channel right away. There are thousands of people who have joined the page and are looking for handsome males and beautiful females to date.

instagram dating pages online free latest

Most of the posts on this page are shoutouts to famous and beautiful personalities. But if you’re not able to reach them, then look for the people in the comments section. You’ll find the cute and interesting people in the comment section and ask them if they are interested in you or not. If that’s a yes, bingo! you’ve successfully found your next dating partner!

2. Lovin Dating India

Indians are well known for keeping their relationships long-lasting. Unlike most of the other countries, the divorce ratio in India is very less. Because Indians want a relationship that is long-lasting and they are very honest towards their partner. People who want to date their next life partner should join this awesome Instagram dating page.

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indian dating instagram page

Make sure to not push yourself into the comments section. This won’t do any good and possibilities of getting blocked by the admins will increase. Follow the guidelines shared by the admins and keep the comments section clean and use the appropriate word. That’s the #1 rule for dating right!

3. USA Dating Online

If you’re the type of guy who wants to date women from the United States, then this Instagram page for Dating is the best fit for you. We’ve checked all the different posts on the page and found that most girls are legit. Either the post is about shoutouts and people in the comment section always talk to each other.

usa dating on instagram page

You can also look for interesting people in the comment section or their follower lists. There are plenty of USA citizens in the group and most of them are willing to find their dating partner and spend quality time.

4. Older Woman Date

The age gap is no longer a concern in modern society. If a person is able to match his/her thoughts with an older/younger person, they can easily date each other. Many Instagram pages are created for the purpose of giving a platform for young and old ones to find their next dating partner.

older women dating instagram

Meet older women online and try to talk about yourself to them. If you’re an older woman yourself, contact the page admin and tell them to give a shoutout to you. It will make it easier for others to know about you and find the people who might be interested in you.

5. Dating By Blaine

Dating might be very typical for some people. There are a number of things that one should take care of them going out on a date. If you never went on a date, then there are a lot of Instagram pages for dating that talk about dating tips and tricks.

instagram page for dating online

Dating by Blaine is one such page that talks about dating tips and tricks. Such little tips might help you in leaving a good impression on your first date. This page also has a website where they provide in-depth details about the dating hacks that are must on your first date.

6. Lesbian Dating

Homosexual dating is a thing now in this modern world. People are no longer afraid of telling their homosexuality to other people. If you’re also a lesbian and looking for other women to date, then this page is a must for you. The community is smaller but totally genuine and you can find other girls to date.

lesbian dating instagram

It’s interesting how the admin of this channel is posting pictures of lesbians and giving shoutouts to their accounts. It makes it very easier for other girls to reach them directly.

7. Our Time Dating

This is a place where singles are trying to meet new people. Singles are always eager to find and talk to new personalities. It’s because they might feel alone in this busy world. All the singles out there should join the channel right now and look for the males/females looking for a relationship.

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ourtime dating page instagram

It’s a verified account and hence you can trust all the items available on the page. It’s one of the safe Instagram dating pages to join right now. Connect with the new accounts and learn more about their lives.

Best Instagram Pages For Singles

Here are some of the best Instagram pages for singles. Click on the Join Page button to check out these awesome Instagram pages for singles.

Instagram PageAccount Link Join Page
Single and Divorced Join Page
Older Women Dating Join Page
Dating Join Page
Usa Dating 365 Join Page
Dating by Blaine Join Page
Courtship Marriage Advice Join Page
Drugs Of Love Join Page
Create The Love Join Page
Jay Cadet Join Page
Texting Prince Join Page
Julie Spira Join Page
The Way We Meet Join Page
GentleMen Hood Join Page
Not Engaged Join Page
The Babe Report Join Page
Millennial Love Join Page
Dating Notes Join Page
Youre Singles Show Join Page
The Real Single Life Join Page
All About Love Join Page

Many of the Instagram pages for singles are also posting content that will improve your attitude. A positive attitude will help you overcome the lonely situation. You should also use attitude Instagram bio to bring a more positive attitude to your personality. Soon afterward, you’ll be in touch with the awesome person whom you can date and even marry.

Many Instagram pages claim that with their help, people meet each other and even get married in some cases. It seems awkward but love has no boundaries. Hence, you should also try your luck finding a new partner on such Instagram pages for singles.

Disclaimer: We’re not affiliated with these Instagram accounts/pages. We’re not responsible for the type of content posted on these pages. Join them at your own risk.

Most Popular Instagram Pages/Accounts For Singles

instagram pages for singles

We’ve shared dozens of channels in our list. But if you’re looking for some of the most popular pages, then you should check out the following pages/accounts. These are the most followed pages and millions of people are connected with these pages. Joining these pages will make sure you’re connected with people from all around the world.

1.  Single and Divorced

Single and Divorced is one of the best Instagram pages for singles out there. On this page, you can easily find people who are looking for other singles. So that they can communicate with each other and start their conversation. There’s also an app offered by the page using which you can create your free account on the dating platform.

single and divorced instagram page for singles

This page is specially dedicated to all the divorced single moms and data out there. It doesn’t matter from which country you belong to. Just try to communicate with the other people on the page and you can find your next dating partner. They can even give you a shoutout on their page.

2. USA Dating 365

If you’re from the United States, then this page can be really useful for you. It’s specifically made for people living in the United States and is looking for new people. The interesting fact about USA Dating 365 page is that they can give you a shout-out as well. Behave nicely with others in the comment section and find new people to follow.

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instagram dating page for people in usa

On this page, you can usually find single girls, who are looking for new partners in their life. Isn’t that interesting that you can directly talk to them using the Instagram Inbox feature? Find a newly single boy/girl as per your choice and maybe they are also interested in talking to you.

3. Courtship Marriage Advice

Many people don’t know how to handle relationships. That’s the main reason behind divorce or being single throughout their life. Hence, if you’re also not good at managing your relationship, then it’s a must to get some relationship advice. You can do so by following the Courtship Marriage Advice Instagram page. It’s one of the best Instagram pages for single males and females.

single mom instagram page

Relationships are very complicated sometimes but this Instagram page will make sure to teach you useful stuff. Stuff that will help you in maintaining your relationship. There are many singles who’re following this page. You can reach out to them and tell your stories to them. Maybe they’ll gain some interest in you and you both end up in a sweet relationship.


Have you tried It’s one of the most used dating platforms in the USA. They’re also running an Instagram page where they help other people connect with each other. Hence, not only on the website, but you can find new people on their Instagram page. Many single moms and dads leave a comment in the comment section that they’re looking for a partner. Reach out to them and learn more about their personal life. instagram page

The goal of this page is to provide the best Instagram page for single moms and dads. Help people socialize as much as possible. It’ll open doors to new opportunities and people will share their happiness and sorrows with each other. Follow the Instagram page and have fun.

5. The Way We Meet

This is another most recommended Instagram page for singles. On this page, you’ll find interesting love stories of other couples. This will inspire you to be a nice person and reach out to other nice people. Look for the people in the comment section who’s interested in starting their new life. It’s one of the best ways to connect with more and more people.

the way we meet singles instagram page

You’ll be inspired by finding how interesting is others’ love stories and how couples manage to keep their relation alive. This is very important these days because it’s easy to get lonely rather than being in a relationship. Learn from others and apply good habits in your life to move forward in life.


We hope you loved our suggestions. Being single doesn’t seem to be an interesting thing in one’s life. So, take advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram and look for new people out there. People are shy when it comes to looking for a person to date. But the internet helps a lot in such a scenario.

Use Instagram pages for singles to find your next perfect partner. Learn from other people and socialize yourself as much as possible. This will bring a positive attitude to your life and you’ll feel much better. Leave a comment down below on what you feel about your relationship status.

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